Sam Nnabuike, a Nollywood actor, has called out Nigerian married men who exhibit hypocrisy on social media.

On Monday, the actor slammed the hypocrisy displayed by many married men on his Instagram story, saying they have a double standard in their reaction to sexual posts made by single women.

He claimed that these men, who waste no time bashing these ladies for posting erotic photos of themselves in the comment section, immediately head to the women’s DMs to lavish praise on them, wishing their wives had the ‘backside’ seen online.

The movie star wrote:

Nigerian married men are wonderful creatures. This minute they are in the comment section insulting and casting aspersion on ladies who post s3xually provocative videos of themselves on social media but the next minute, they are in the same girl’s DM, telling her ‘wish my wife’s yansh is like your own’.