Wizkid, a Grammy Award winner, explains why Banky W couldn’t have survived without him at EME in his recently-released course, Music Business 101.

Recall that Wizkid entered the Nigerian music scene while signed to the EME record label, which is run by Banky W, a well-known Nigerian musician, and music businessman Tunde Demuren.

Wizkid claims that Banky, the creator of the now-defunct EME, was unable to function without him because he was too talented and, hence, found it challenging to ignore him.

Wizkid said;

“Everyone will want to be associated with you when you are successful as an artist because everyone supports everything that is successful.”

BigWiz gave advice to young artists, telling them that no record company can push them as much as they desire as an artist because they must first put in the work.

In his words;

“No record label can push you as much as you want. like you have to actually put in the work, everyone supports everything that is successful, everyone wants to affiliate with anything that’s successful, they will want to invest this is business. so if you’re doing a label proud, they will invest, in it. if you’re not you don’t expect them to just be throwing money out there.”