Nigerian actor and model, Afeez Oladimeji Agoro popularly known as Nigeria’s tallest man, has reportedly died after a protracted illness.

Reports claim 47-year-old, Afeez Agoro was rushed to the hospital on Wednesday, June 14, but passed on following complications.

Netizens have stormed social media and his Instagram page to lament his untimely death, under his latest post which was 9 weeks ago.Just a month ago, precisely on May 14, Agoro solicited N5m for his chronic hip arthritis treatment, to see his ball and socket joint replaced.

Afeez Agoro who discovered at age 19 that he had Acromegaly, known commonly as gigantism, said the money would help to take care of his operation and therapy.

According to the computer science graduate from the University of Lagos, the ailment is challenging and has left him bedridden for eight months.