Muyiwa Awoniyi, Manager of Nigerian singer, TemiLade Openiyi AKA Tems shared the singer’s unforgettable experience in a Ugandan prison.

Recall that it was reported that Tems and her colleague Omah Lay were detained in Uganda for breaking the COVID-19 regulations of that nation in December 2020.

The pair were held for three days, initially in a police cell, before being moved to separate jails following their arraignment in Kampala.

Awoniyi stated that while Tems was in the female prison, she led praise and worship for the entire correctional institution, in which all inmates participated.

Appearing on a podcast, he claimed that throughout her confinement, the vocalist led the sessions, and everyone—including the guards—was singing along.

He Said

“Entering prison, as a woman, Tems, they [prison warders] took her to the female section. I was just worried about her. I was not with her. I was just wondering what the hell is going on [with her?].

“I will come to find out that Tems conducted praise and worship in a whole prison cell. Everybody was singing with her. She took over the whole prison.”

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