Popular Nigerian rapper, Aboriomoh Raymond, who is fondly called Dremo, has said there is the existence of “fake love” in the Nigerian music industry.

Dremo spoke with Poco Lee, the dancer, about the happenings in the music industry during the latest episode of Clout Viral podcast.

The rapper argued that a lot of musicians don’t genuinely love their colleagues.

“Of course, there is fake love in the industry. I know there is fake love in the industry, so when I see people me sef I dey shine teeth. You shine teeth, I shine teeth,” he said in a mixture of English and Pidgin.

“But it depends on how you relate with me after that. Maybe we see for club and like, how far na? We suppose link up o. Give me your number, I give you, but the next day, nothing.

“I just feel like a lot of people are going through whatever they are going through. Everybody has their own feet to run. I really don’t blame anybody. But when you say fake love is when you actually act like you care but you don’t.

“I know some guys that we are just friends from afar. No be say we be guys. No bad blood, but we are not friends like that.