Nigerian music star Paul Okoye popularly known as Rude Boy recently expressed his frustration about the country’s struggling economy
In a heartfelt expression of frustration, Nigerian music sensation Paul Okoye, also popularly known as Rude Boy, recently expressed his concerns about the alarming state of the economy.

Through a personal story on his Instagram account he highlighted the stark difference between his past and present experiences

Rude Boy shared how he once proudly bought his first car for a modest sum of 120,000 naira, but now spends a whopping 3 million naira per month solely on diesel just to keep it running.

This shocking increase in expenses shows the harsh reality of the current economic situation, shedding light on the hardships faced by both celebrities and ordinary people.

Rude Boy expressed sympathy for the average person, acknowledging that if he faces such challenges as a public figure, the struggles of ordinary people must be even greater.

He wrote:

“Bought my first car 120k naira years back and i was very proud of that… i spend 3m naira on diesel for just a month….. Total madness, only God knows what a common man is going through.”

Rude Boy’s words illustrates the growing gap between the rich and the poor, showing the need for economic reforms and addressing the economic difficulties faced by Nigerians.