Popular Nigerian singer, Charles Chukwu, who is better known as Crayon, has made a new revelation.

He says he gets inspired to write songs after having s*x.

The singer — in the recent episode of Clout Viral, a podcast anchored by Poco Lee, the dancer — said he has penned down a lot of songs after engaging in s*xual intercourse.

Crayon also talked about how he joined label Mavin Records, his musical inspiration, and how he got his stage name.

“I feel like I have written a lot of songs after having s*x. So I feel like s*x does inspire me,” he responded.

This was after he was asked to speak about his source of inspiration as a musician.

The singer said he loves to be in the music studio because “it’s my safe place.”

“I just love to be in the studio even if I’m not recording. I love the environment in the studio. It feels like a home. It’s my safe place,” he added.

Last December, Crayon revealed that he was once addicted to pornography.

On how he got his stage name, Crayon said: “My sister used to make this big bag. It was really colourful and it was on the wall. I saw it and the first thing that came to my mind was crayon.”

Since he got signed to Mavin Records in 2019, Crayon has put out several hit singles like ‘So Fine’, ‘Ijo Labalaba’, and ‘Tele’.