A Nigerian doctor named Dr. Sina has called out popular Nigerian rapper Olamide, accusing him of drug abuse. The doctor’s criticism comes after Olamide shared a photo on social media where he is seen holding a balloon near the derriere of a white woman who is only wearing panties, as part of his promotion for new music.

In response to the viral photo, Dr. Sina took to Twitter to express his concerns. He specifically pointed out that the balloon Olamide was inhaling likely contained Nitrous Oxide, a gas commonly used in surgery, which can cause headaches, concussions, and other adverse effects.

Dr. Sina further argued that in order to effectively combat drug abuse in the country, the government should take action against celebrities who promote such behavior.

He wrote:

“We just finished a space with NDLEA about people doing Balloons. Peep the picture..See Cannisters of Nitrous oxide close to the bed. Obviously pumped into the balloon, Olamide is inahling I maintain, if we will win a war on hard drugs. We need to clamp down on celebrities”

In another tweeted, Sina wrote: “Putting this here. I don’t know who needs see. If you see this in a Ballon at a party(see pic) & they tell you to blow. Don’t.

“It contains NITROUS OXIDE which is a gas used in surgery. It can knock you out, cause headache , confusion, etc”

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