British automobile brand Land Rover has given recognition to Nigerian singer Habeeb Okikiola, professionally known as Portable. The acknowledgment came after Portable and UK Grime star Skepta attended the British Fashion Awards and were dropped off at the venue in Land Rover vehicles.

Land Rover promoted the two artists on its official Instagram account, sharing photos of the musicians and the cars that conveyed them to the award show.

The luxury car company indicated that they were responsible for the drop-off and included the hashtag #Defender in the post. The acknowledgement from Land Rover adds to Portable’s growing recognition in the music and entertainment industry.

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In addition, Portable has once again grabbed headlines by announcing a substantial increase in the cost of his services. The artist, who recently garnered attention for his activities during a visit to the UK, surprised many with the revelation of his updated rate card.

In a recent Instagram post, Portable declared that he would be departing from his previous fee of N5 million for shows, skits, or features starting in the new year.

This announcement has sparked discussions and reactions within the music industry and among fans, as Portable’s decision to revise his pricing strategy attracts attention and curiosity.

Portable’s unexpected announcement of a significant increase in his service fees followed a cancelled booking for a show at a celestial church. This incident seems to have influenced the artist’s decision to reevaluate his pricing strategy.