Nigerian Emo artist, CKay recently turned to Instagram to offer his gratitude to everyone who helped make his month-long tour of Nigerian universities a success.

The gifted musician described how the trip had its share of difficulties, such as travel dangers and sickness among the team, but they persisted in their mission to share the music with their followers.

CKay expressed his gratitude for the support of Sterling Bank, his crew, the guest musicians that traveled with him, and every university that hosted them in a touching message.

Despite the fact that some shows had to be cancelled due to unanticipated circumstances, he assured supporters that they will make amends.

“Been on the road for a month now playing shows at different universities across Nigeria.

“It’s been crazy. We faced all kinds of challenges making this happen: travel risks, people fell ill but still put work in. Why?

“Because we wanted to bring the music to the day 1 fans. Because we wanted to. Thank you to every university that had us.

“Thank you to the whole team. Thank you to all the guest artists that came on the road with me. I appreciate each and every one of you.

“Thank you to Sterling Bank. The shows that couldn’t happen due to unforeseeable circumstances, we’ll make it up to you somehow,” CKay wrote.

As the tour came to a close, CKay expressed his appreciation for the girl who gave him a rose during his final show.

“Lastly, to the girl that gave me this rose last night. Thank you,” he added.