The popular Nigerian musician Iyanya recently explained on Twitter why he was unable to get Nicki Minaj to feature in the remix of his song “Ur Waist.”

He detailed the entire incident, from the pressure to build on the success of “Kukere” to the failed attempt to work with Nicki Minaj, in a series of tweets on Thursday.

Iyanya claims that following the success of “Kukere,” he and his group decided to release “Ur waist” as their next single.

The song was also a huge success, and they decided to take it internationally by teaming up with Nicki Minaj.

They flew to Atlanta to meet with a contact who had direct connections to Nicki Minaj.

The acquaintance introduced them to numerous other celebs, including R. Kelly and 2chains, before arranging a meeting with Nicki Minaj.

However, when they did meet Nicki Minaj, they learned that they would have to pay her $200,000 to give them a verse.

Even though they raised $70,000, they still fell short.

They tried calling everyone they knew, but they were unable to raise the money needed.

To make matters worse, they had already spent a large amount of money on flights, accommodation, and other costs.

They ultimately failed to obtain the collaboration and went back to Nigeria without a photograph or a collaboration.

See his tweets below;