Weeks after the Nigerian singer, Burna Boy reignited his relationship with his British ex-girlfriend, Stefflon Don, smokes of trouble started with the Jamaican singer, Jada Kingdom.

A previous report highlighted Burna Boy’s gift of six luxury bags to Jamaican singer Jada Kingdom, sparking rumours of a relationship between them. Jada, however, refuted those claims at the time.

However, recent comments from Jada, publicly calling out Stefflon Don, suggest otherwise after the British singer released a diss track.

It is also worth noting that the clash between the duo started weeks after Burna Boy allegedly gifted Stefflon Don a Rolls Royce Cullinan for her birthday.

In a viral Instagram live video, Jada Kingdom criticized Stefflon Don, urging her to be straightforward and confront the situation. She advised Stefflon Don to stop evading the issue concerning a man known for his promiscuity, referring to Burna Boy as a “Community Dcck.”

Here’s a loose translation of her statement, “I never claimed Burna Boy because my P is blessed. Burna Boy is community neegar, he is for everyone. Steff has been throwing shades at me since last year, and I have been ignoring her. It’s all weird because all this is over a man (Burnaboy) that I never claimed.”

Watch the video below …