Popular singer, Teni roasts a man who called her out for donating to Mummy Zee but failing to tip him when she entered his Uber ride.

It would be recalled that a Nigerian man had gone online to call out the vocalist for sending cash to the viral Mummy Zee.

The indignant man felt that such generosity should have also been extended to him all the two times she boarded his ride.

Teni who has finally replied him said that what the man indeed needs is a deodorant as well as a toothpaste.

In her words …

“Na deodorant and toothpaste Gangan u need”

@oleinsha said: “This brother should have just kept quiet

Sugar mummy sef no gree for anybody this year😂”

@adxjnr remarked: “Teni you w!cked oooo 😭😭😭😭”

@mistermark said: “If somebody did you good there’s nothing wrong if you reciprocate, this I don’t care attitude is why you’re still without a man. 2024 has come for everyone to change for the better.”

@DJDaley commented: “No mind am, the sense of entitlement is unjust, at least you paid his fare, that’s all that should matter”

@benfil penned: “Instead of him to tap from Mummy Zee’s Grace, werey decided to call you out

Me to him; “Now dem never drag you” in Asari dokubor voice”

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