In a shocking video, Odumodu Blvck snatches the microphone from a hypeman who tried to sing his song alongside him on stage.

The singer was performing his song in a club and the hypeman who was with the microphone tried singing along with him.

Odumodu Blvck was having none of it and quickly snatched my mic and continued his performance.

Many people have assumed that the reason he snatched it in such a manner was because of the nearly feminine voice of the hypeman which is very distinct from Odumodu’s baritone.

The hypeman</strong> has also come out to claim that he is actually an upcoming musician while warning people to not speak on what they have no idea about.

Reactions to the post

@drNotInsync said: “The voice shock odumo 😂”

@AdedejiRaheal opined: “The hype man technically missed the beat and that was too obvious for any musically inclined person to overlook.”

@Talk2_lowell asked: “You wan Dey hype OdumoduBlvck with soprano voice??”

@ifyousearchme wrote: “He’s already overdoing things …coming from person wey run from LASU few months back”

@desblaq_jr reacted: “The Werey wan sing pass person wen get song 😂”

@manniure said: “Zero joy🤣😭😭”

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