The friend of a beautiful Nigerian lady, who was recently gifted the sum of 5 million naira by Davido for having a good vibe at his concert, uploaded a video displaying the dollars she received.

In the video captioned: ‘OBO gifted my friend 5 million, I’m so happy for her, Chioma Christmas money din sure,’ the lady could be seen beaming with smiles as she’s hailed by her friend.

The voice of a man, whose face wasn’t seen, was heard thanking the singer for giving his friend such an amount of money. He could be heard saying, ‘OBO, 30 BG,’ while counting the said dollars.

Many individuals, however, took to the comment section of the post immediately after the video made its way to the internet to share their observations.

Check out some reactions below:

Barny: “‎That money complete 50 pieces so.”

Charles man igolo: “‎Na iPhone nd wig this money dey go so aswear.”

COWBOY LEE: “‎Use am carry 2 sure odd.”

Derry: “So na ur friend sef.”

@clarabella: “‎please don’t waste that money on this Xmas Try starting a side hustle with it if you have none. such opportuunity comes once ooo..”

JoshuaJoseph: “‎Rate done go up ooo e suppose pass 5m.”

21badda: “‎Mke the money go round na G.”

Rosemary: “‎The money no reach 5 meter bruh.”

debby: “‎Make them no rob her oo she suppose use some of the money higher security town Dey hurt mount your guard.”

Cassy: “‎30 bingos don deh use meter, una to deh copy.”

Empress Estee: “‎wizkid fans go say na fake dollars them no tye use eye see better thing.”


@only1naomi Davido gifted my friend 😌🥺❤️#trend #fyp #only1naomi #30bgdavido ♬ original sound – The scarf lord 🙂❤️