Popular Nigerian singer, Portable, recently featured in Content Creator Mr Macaroni’s skit, and it trended online.

Macaroni is known for his skits, where his daughter, Motunde, introduces many interesting characters to him as her potential husband.

In the latest episode, Motunde presented the self acclaimed ‘Ika of Africa’ to Mr Macaroni and Mummy Wa as her love interest.

The Zazuu Crooner who is already quite a controversial character, had a lot to say to Mr Macaroni and Mummy Wa as he ‘auditioned’ to them to become Motunde’s husband.

In the snippet Mr Macaroni shared on Instagram, Portable was seen introducing himself as a motivational speaker and a wise man as he tried to dazzle Motunde’s parents with his words.


The Singer’s funny utterances in the video left a lot of Celebrities and fans rolling with laughter as they reacted to the skit.