A Nigerian lady sparked conversation on social media when she advised those planning to attend Davido‘s show to bring their own water due to the exorbitant price of water at the event.

According to her, the price of water at the Nigerian singer Davido’s show is a staggering 2,000 naira.

She mentioned having to ask one of the attendees for a sachet of water because she couldn’t afford to buy one at such a high price.

In anticipation of future shows organized by the singer, she emphasized that bringing personal water supplies is permissible for those wishing to have a drink during the event.

The lady’s statement garnered significant attention on social media, prompting numerous reactions on the comment section of the post.

Here are some of the reactions below:

@Michael2272na: “Davido is too big shaa.”

@Damilol02432931: “2k for sachet water.”

@MamenHolloway: “The taste of that water go change normally. GODFATHER at work.”

@KvngAsuke: “You never drink pure water b4. Na river water way you dai drink they make you get tongue problem.”

@OloladeOgunnubi: “I got bottle water there for #200, you people shu be calming down na.”

@ri_00000001: “I bought for 1k but later heard some people bought for 2k. It’s not cap.”

@Harry20376349: “Nigerians are criminals thieves no law no love Nigerians are greedy people they want to use every meist to cheating after them go say politicians are wicked….. at least police are not do working their work is not bad for a water producing companies to do sponsor.”