Yeni Kuti, the eldest child of the Afrobeats pioneer and music legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, recently opened up on why she can’t leave her marriage even if her husband cheats.

During an interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo on the show titled “WithChude,” the 62-year-old matriarch of the Fela dynasty shared her thoughts on cheating and divorce in marriage.

Yeni disclosed that her decision stems from her own personal beliefs and experiences, which were heavily influenced by her father’s polygamous lifestyle. Fela Anikulapo Kuti is known to have married 27 women in one day.

Elaborating on her stance, Yeni Kuti explained that she draws inspiration from her mother, who remained committed to Fela despite the presence of numerous wives. She believes that her mother’s commitment and loyalty are admirable qualities that should not be judged by society.

By following her mother’s principles, Yeni Kuti has chosen to prioritize the strength and endurance of her marriage, even in the face of potential infidelity. She hopes that others will refrain from passing judgment on her decision, as she is simply adhering to the values she has learned from her parents’ unique relationship.

In her words:

“I won’t leave my husband if he’s cheating, that’s me, you can leave your own husband if he’s cheating, that’s you, don’t judge me, I’m not judging you, my father has 27 wives, my mother didn’t go, so it’s me that would now come and go, because of one girl, it cannot happen.”

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