Popular influencer and activist, Verydarkman insists on a Canadian visa as he lists out the conditions that must be met before he fights with the Greek-German DJ, Niki Tall in a boxing match.

It would be recalled that the caucasian DJ had challenged the stocky bodybuilder to a boxing match where the winner takes home 10 million naira and the loser, 5 million.

However, Verydarkman accepted with the condition that he must be given a Canadian visa to come to Europe and fight.

Niki Tall rejected the offer and pressed that the fight be held in Nigeria where he has connections and can pull some strings to get the big stadium.

Verydarkman has insisted that the Caucasian man has more to gain from him, since he is well known and he, Nicki Tall, cannot come from another country and expect to lord conditions over him just by being a European.

He stated that his new conditions are that he must be paid 200k dollars if he wins, be given a Canadian visa to come for the match, be given 6 weeks to prepare for the match.

Watch him speak: