Phyna, a reality star winner has taken to her Snapchat to continue dragging her colleague, Neo Akpofure for describing her as a “razz” person”.

Phyna, a reality TV celebrity and former Big Brother Nigeria winner, took to Snapchat to prolong her rivalry with Neo Akpofure.

Unyielding in her stance, she revealed her feelings about giving birth to a man that other women would have to support, even going so far as to call Neo a “prostitute” in a Snapchat post.

A succession of long laughing emojis accompanied her statements, indicating her disgust.

“God nor go let me born man wey women go dy feed sha. I mean a prostitute”

This latest development followed Phyna’s previous podcast appearance with Pere Egbi, during which she discussed the reasons for her distaste of Neo.

Phyna recounted an event from the Big Brother Nigeria All Stars reality program in which Neo voiced unhappiness with her and her language.

She claims that during a conversation with someone, the individual employed a popular slang she frequently uses. Neo instantly objected, citing his dislike of the slang’s affiliation with someone he considered “razz.”

Phyna, on the other hand, defended herself, stating that Neo, given his lowly roots and tribulations, should not be hasty in passing judgment.


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