Hitting the music industry in the most sensational fashion ever, coupled with consistent releases of songs that soothe the soul, it becomes easy to wonder which planet is Tolibian from?

Music being an art of self-expression, with “Alien – EP”, there seems to be no better way to confirm that his vocal prowess and lyrical wizardry transcends what can be obtainable in earthly realms. Over the years, Tolibian has been true to his Afro-highlife tunes and never for once followed the crowd in the heavily saturated music scene.

Obviously, anyone with a taste for any Afrobeats subgenre that has not been overly diluted with foreign elements will surely have Tolibian as that go-to guy. With Black Culture’s produced “Happy” and Duktor Sett’s produced “Day By Day” still having a good run across all music platforms, “Alien EP” is set to be on the road to become one of the most exciting music projects out of Nigeria’s music industry this year.


Alien” is a mind-blowing 5-track body of work which comes with the expression of uniqueness and outstanding musical skills. The EP provides fans with all shades of Tolibian and in the end it will be unanimous agreement that Tolibian is who he thinks he is.

Production credits go to Yo X on the introductory track “Alive” as music producer, Duktor Sett was at his best on “Day By Day” and “Party Ego” while Black Culture and Kdreams produced “Happy” and “Dejavu” respectively.

All songs were written by Tolibian and arranged well enough to produce an exciting listening experience. Enjoy!!