Nigerian singer Teni made a surprising revelation about her relationship with alcohol during a recent interview on the Zero Conditions Podcast.

Despite having been in the music industry for years, she disclosed that she abstained from alcohol and did not smoke until the year 2021.

The revelation unfolded when one of the hosts offered her a drink, and she declined. The host, taken aback, inquired if she had stopped drinking, which Teni confirmed. She explained that it wasn’t a challenging decision for her because she had only started drinking in 2021.

Prompted by the host’s surprise, Teni went on to share the backstory of why she began drinking, providing insight into this unexpected aspect of her personal life.

She began,

“I began drinking in 2021. I’m a naturally adventurous person. I’ve been in this industry for six years without drinking or smoking. I started drinking for fun, and the first time was in Lagos.

“At home, I thought, ‘You guys are always getting drunk, what does it feel like? Let me just try it.’ So, I drank Henny, but I didn’t get drunk. I was waiting for it to happen, but it didn’t, so I just went to sleep. Everybody was like, ‘Aaah, Teni.’”

Teni further explained that even during her time at the University of Georgia in the United States, where there was constant pressure to drink alcohol, she chose to abstain.

“I didn’t drink while I was in school. Do you know what school I went to? The University of Georgia, it’s a football school, and there’s a lot of pressure to drink, but I didn’t. I only ever do what I want to do. In all the videos and skits where I hold a cup, it’s usually juice or water,” the singer emphasized.

This revelation comes in the context of Teni’s recent health challenges, specifically her diagnosis with a life-threatening throat infection in July 2023, which resulted in temporary voice loss.

After undergoing surgery and spending time in the hospital in September 2023, she made the decision to stop drinking and avoid anything that could potentially endanger her singing voice again.

Watch the full interview below:-