Heidi, the former wife of Sina Rambo, has made an announcement regarding her diamond wedding ring, stating that she is willing to give it away for free to a couple, as she confirms their official divorce.

In a recent social media post, Heidi Korth, who was previously married to Davido’s cousin, Sina Rambo, expressed her sadness as she reiterated their finalized divorce.

Heidi has decided to offer her diamond wedding ring to any individual or couple who are yet to obtain a ring and are planning to tie the knot. She kindly requested interested parties to send their wedding invitation to her, ensuring that there is indeed a wedding taking place.

Heidi had previously disclosed in December of last year that her marriage had come to an end, citing instances of violence as the main reason for the breakdown.

As the news circulated, some netizens took to the comment section to express their beliefs that accepting Heidi’s ring would bring misfortune or bad luck to anyone who claimed it.