Controversial street-hop singer, Portable to take legal action against his ex-signee, Young Duu, as he denies sending boys to beat him up.

It was earlier reported that Young Duu, the current media rave, came out to claim that Portable had sent some boys to assault him.

According to him, the boys who had the intent to beat him up were sent by the zazzo crooner because of his new-found fame and success since leaving his record label, Zeh Nation.

Portable’s management has vehemently denied this claim as they reveal that the young singer is trying to damage the reputation of Portable in a bid to trend and sell his soon-to-be-released song.

It read in part …

Our attention has been to the allegation made by Young duu against Portable that he was beaten by some boys sent by Portable.

We condemn in the strongest terms the said allegation as it is completely without any substance and it is deliberately designed to tarnish Portable’s industry reputation.

We urge all Portable’s fans to completely disregard such blatatly false allegations as we are briefing our lawyers to take appropriate action with the authorities to address this situation.”

Refer to the image below …