If you have ever wondered what it would sound like to have Oxlade and Flavour on a track, your dreams have come true.

Oxlade has released a song titled, “Ovami” that features Flavour’s deep and beautiful voice as well as Oxlade’s recognizable silky vocals and sincere lyrics. The song expresses the yearning to be embraced by a special someone and the intense feelings that go along with it as it covers the theme of love and longing.

The brilliant Magicsticks produced the song and it serves as Oxlade’s first official single of the year. It is the follow-up to his Camila Cabello’s assisted “Ku Lo Sa” remix. The song deftly combines aspects of modern Afrobeats with Flavour’s signature highlife sound, creating a revitalizing and heartfelt musical experience.

Quotable lyrics

No need for story you be my chargie
Ah ahn
You make my temperature rising
If anybody mess with you, I will not take it lightly
Ahn ahn ah, I wonna make you mi wify

Girl I love you sotey people think say na ment oQuotable lyricsh

I go carry you go Cali sapramento…

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