Former Big Brother Naija star, Uriel Oputa, has claimed that being a British citizen by birth had been her biggest blessing in life.

The 36-year-old YouTuber made this statement in response to skit creator, OGB Recent’s counsel for Nigerians who are not wealthy.

OGB Recent claimed that individuals who don’t have millions of naira in their bank account shouldn’t be sleeping at the end of the day because it is an indication that they are not ready to be successful in life.

He wrote;

“You no get 6 figures for account you dey sleep for night, you never ready make am. May God bless all our efforts and crown them with success today”

According to Uriel, Nigerians are naturally inclined to put pressure on others until they start to doubt their convictions.

The Imo-born reality star made note of the widespread inclination among Nigerians to generalise and classify people. She urged citizens to travel more in order to have a more varied viewpoint and greater exposure.

Reposting OGB Recent’s tweet, she wrote:

“My point exactly about Nigeria If you listen to people like you are messed up.

My biggest blessing is being part British. Some Nigerians will squeeze you until no self belief. They thrive in placing individuals into categories and Stereotypes.

You can’t do this because……. Nigeria is one place where potential Billionaires have been subjected into Not following their heads But trends. I will always advise one To travel You are more than you Think.”