The Mayor of Atlanta, Andre Dickens, has declared November 18 as Davido Day, following his massive shut-down of the city during the AWAY festival.

This announcement is coming a day after his 31st birthday, which was also celebrated by friends and family.

The Mayor in a letter signed noted that Davido has “captivated audiences worldwide, becoming a global icon in the music industry. On behalf of the City of Atlanta, thank you for your tireless efforts as a renowned singer, songwriter, producer, business leader, philanthropist, and community advocate. Throughout your remarkable career, you’ve amassed an incredible number of accolades and continue to use your platform to give back to communities in the United States and throughout Africa.”

Earlier, the Atlanta City Council in a statement said, “Be it resolved that we, the members of the Atlanta City Council, on behalf of the citizens of Atlanta, do hereby proclaim November 18, 2023, as Davido Day in the City of Atlanta.”

Meanwhile, this is the second honorarium of the singer with respect to his contribution to the entertainment industry in the country. In July, Councilman Edward Pollard of Houston, declared the 7th of July to be Davido Day in the city of Houston. The proclamation was issued by Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner in a letter written to the singer.