Larissa London, a makeup artist from London and Davido’s Baby Mama, has expressed her sorrow at life’s difficulties.

During a Q&A session with her followers, the mother of Davido’s baby, Dawson, said that she has been working to get her life in order since things have been difficult.

“I’m not going to lie, life has been challenging. I’ve been trying to get my life together”.

Larissa mentioned that they had been spending time with their kid since last year in another section of the Q&A.

She had received criticism from a fan for her eagerness to upload pictures of Davido while also seeming to be wishing him a happy Father’s Day.

Larissa replied to her and said that the picture she uploaded of Davido and their son was from the previous year.

“Lol the picture is like a year old. I could have posted it last year but ok”.

She was called a hypocrite by someone else, to which she replied, “Aren’t we all? I’ve never claimed to be flawless.

In other news, Music Executive Paul Okoye, aka Paulo, has placed a N5 million bounty on the tweep who sent a death wish to the singer, Davido recently.

It was previously revealed that the Twitter user, who is thought to be a die-hard Burna Boy supporter, painted a picture of Davido’s downfall while posting a clip of a huge audience anticipating Burna Boy in the Netherlands.

Although Davido immediately responded, questioning what he had done to the man to warrant such a malicious post, Paul O, via his Instagram page, announced a N5 million reward for anyone who could assist in locating the Twitter user, as he wanted him to clarify the meaning behind the post.

“@davido, we need to find this guy!!! What is this??? I’m offering 5M!! to find this guy’s location just to explain this tweet,” Paul O wrote.