Popular Nigerian singer, Burna Boy, has lampooned a critic who called out his political apathy during the 2023 general election.

The critic had berated him after he explained that he was not vocal about the election because he does not believe in any of the three major candidates.

Burna Boy also stated that he didn’t publicly campaign for any candidate because he doesn’t want to be held accountable if the candidate fails in office.

Apparently, the critic was extremely disappointed in the self-styled ‘Odogwu’ for his political stance, and chided him for being mute about an important event in Nigeria despite making profit from his activism songs.

According to the critic, Burna Boy’s brand does not match his actions in real life because he has never spoken up for the people.

Responding, Burna Body slid into the critic’s DM to lambaste him for attacking him. He stated that the the songs he made about Nigeria have not been profitable to him.

The Grammy award winner also claimed that he has positively contributed more to Nigeria than the 3 presidential candidates so he has every right to shut his critics up.

Burna wrote,

“Why una mumu like this? First of all sir. Out of the hundreds of songs I have, there are only about 7 songs about these topics and they barely made me any money at all. #2. l’ve positively contributed more to Nigeria than you and all 3 candidates combined and neither me nor my parents have ever taken a kobo from the government for any reason. so I’m more than qualified to tell people like you to shut the fuck up when vou don’t know what your talking about.”

See the exchange below:-