Nigerian singer Adebayo Adeleke, better known as B-Red, has revealed that his cousin Davido used to be a backup singer.

Adeleke stated that he was the one who encouraged Davido to pursue a career in music.

He made the claim while appearing as a guest on the latest episode of Quincy Jonze’s Echoo Room podcast.

The ‘Cucumber’ singer stated that he advised Davido to pursue a singing career because he possessed the talent.

He said;

He [Davido] was so good. Na me first tell David, omo, start singing.

Shoutout to my cousin, M-Pizzy; he is still a good artist. We started pushing him [M-Pizzy] first. So one day, David was always doing backups, and I said, David, M-Pizzy is good, but you too, you are good oh, start singing na.

David said, are you serious? I said, yes! And he started singing. So, it was my cousin, M-Pizzy that actually showed us the way. Shoutout to M-Pizzy too.

In addition, the artist revealed how he and David sold 20 televisions in his father’s house.

During the Mo’hits era, he and his brother, Sina Rambo, worked as personal assistants to Don Jazzy and D’banj, he said.