Mohbad’s father continues to suspect foul play in his son’s demise as he recounts how he found out that his late son had a will which was thumb printed Instead of signed.

In an interview with TVC News he recounted how he found his son’s body already locally embalmed when he got to his place.

Amongst other things discussed by him, he revealed that when he got there, what he had seen was a lawyer rather than a doctor.

He added that he was shocked to discover that his 26-year-old son had a will, when he in his 60s doesn’t.

Mohbad’s father also added that this will had Mohbad’s thumb prints on it rather than his signature.

He wondered why he should use a thumb print when he has his signature.

Reactions have followed …
gyftfrancis said: “You get property, wey you won dey write will?”

pava_turk stated; “Jossy sabi talk sha!!! So he wants all that belongs to his son, then what happens to Liam?”

hameedahadayi commented: “This man is raising alot of valid issues, but emotions no allow us see front. His issues are valid. Why was Mohbad’s will thumbprinted and not signed. Why will a young boy write a will!!!”

freeskin_remedies asked: “Daddy please can you stop wearing garments for your interviews? Na the only problem I get be that. Na una dey make white garment church be like yeye”

being_mrs_babs said; “More concerned about properties than his son’s death”

ruzanabyruzana remarked: “His story has not changed one bit….may God grant him peace”

taurus1725 alleged: “No One thing i know was that Moh was killed, his death wasn’t natural, every one that waswith him 48hrs to his death are all guilty,..why will he thumb print his will when he can sign?”

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