An unidentified man of God revealed in a statement that he foresaw several concerning events involving Nigerian singer, Rema, including poisoning, shooting incidents, and spiritual battles.

In a recent online video, the man, whose name remains unknown, was heard discussing the singer while initially referencing one of his songs.

According to him, the said singer is surrounded by malevolent forces seeking to bring him down, emphasizing the necessity for certain actions.

His statement: “Let us pray for that man, what is his name? He said ‘See body Ooo.’ Let’s pray for that young boy, he’s a young boy, not a young man.”

“Let’s pray for him, I don’t know his name, I can’t remember it, but if I do, I’ll inform you. Let’s pray for that young man.”

“Somebody said they call him Rema, let’s pray for him because where I saw his head, his hand cannot pull his head out. So, let’s pray because the devil is going to devise strategies that seem gangster-like.”

“I saw shooting, I saw poisoning, and I witnessed some spiritual activities being directed against that guy.”

He made several other claims and statements about the singer, which can be viewed in the attached video.