Twitter personality, Daniel Regha is enraged in reaction to the video of the cyber fraudster, Hushpuppi celebrating famous influencer, Tunde Ednut’s birthday from prison.

Hushpuppi, who is currently serving jail time for money laundering in the United States, celebrated Tunde Ednut‘s 38th birthday while incarcerated.

Daniel Regha expressed his disapproval of the video as it went viral and urged Nigerians to quit pretending as though Hushpuppi is an icon or a positive role model.

He stated that Hushpuppi is a criminal and should be treated like one since he is in prison.

According to Daniel, one of the biggest problems the country is currently facing is Yahoo Boys, which the likes of Hushpuppi encouraged.

HushpuppiIn addition, he cautioned Nigerians about the things they encourage in the name of cruising.

In his words: “Hushpuppi is a criminal & should be treated as one since he’s in prison; He often makes headlines but Nigerians need to stop acting like he’s an icon or a good role model. One of the biggest problems we are facing today is Yahoo Boys, which the likes of Hushpuppi encouraged. Let’s be mindful of what we encourage in the name of cruise.”

In another post, he wrote: “The video of Hushpuppi being served different meals in prison is wr¤ng (if true). He shouldn’t have access to a phone, & needs to be paying for his crimes. Again, Nigerians who catch cruise whenever he makes the headlines are part of the issue; How do y’all criticize politicians but glorify Yahoo boys & criminals? That’s pathetic.”