Nigerian actress, model, hype woman, entertainer, and reality TV star, Ijeoma Josephina Otabor, known as Phyna, recently discussed her relationships and social media presence in an exclusive interview.

She highlighted a disparity between her social media persona and her real-life connections, revealing that despite her lively presence online, she doesn’t actually have many friends in reality.

She explained, “I’m always lively on social media, but off-camera, I spend most of my time alone. I don’t have friends.”

She admitted that while she did have friends before, some distanced themselves after her time on the show, while others had expectations that she couldn’t meet.

“Before entering the show, I didn’t have many friends either. Now, I find myself mostly alone,” she added.

In the video attached below, Phyna further discusses her personal life and family. Additionally, supporters and fans have taken to the comments section to share similar experiences regarding friendships and privacy.

See some reactions below:

@afia__agyeiwaa: “Having too many friends is wahala on Its own.”

@Karoluchi1: “Awww Phyna is so many of us oo.. Even those that think they’ve many friends are mostly alone innit.”

@JiEun_omma: “Having too many friends isn’t good either. Speaking from personal experience, I’d advise she get on some of these chat sites and make pen friends from all walks of life, not just Nigerians, sometimes they actually make the best and most attentive friends.”

@LoriderJones: “I have no friends no boyfriends, my life is so weird and no one even calls me except my family, but am so happy that way.”

@cynthiajosh701: “I don’t have friends either. More friends more problems.”