Nigerian actress, Chacha Eke Faani who just celebrated her 10year anniversary with her filmmaker husband, Austin Faani has shed light on a terrifying ‘manic episode’ she experienced a year ago.

Chacha Eke who revealed she battles with her mental health recounted her most terrifying episode where she woke up at 3am, feeling unsafe at home. She revealed on social media that she took a fake ID card made for her in a desperate attempt to run away from home.

According to her, the ‘manic episode’ lasted for months.

The actress said at 3am she ran to a motor park in Asaba and subsequently travelled to Lagos. She loitered streets, hotels and beaches of Lagos for days.

She added that she then used the fake ID to travel to Ghana by boat.

Furthermore, Chacha Eke said that she was able to regain her memory at First Bank plc Ghana through the help of their staff, Esther.

She added that Esther recognized her and helped her remember herself and her home. The actress wrote:


Slide 1 photo was me by this time last year-1st June 2022. I was in the middle of a manic episode that lingered for months. One day, I woke at 3am feeling unsafe and ran vigorously to a nearby motor park. I travelled to Lagos from Asaba like a fugitive.

Loitered the streets/hotels and beaches in Lagos for days. It was a rough blend of schizophrenia, depression, identity crisis and bipolar disorders. Using this “made-up” Identity card of me from one of my imaginary companies; I headed for Ghana by boat. Clad in black jalabia, I kept moving. I passed border after border; terrified & unrecognized.

In that moment, I was a “Drifter”. It was at First bank in Ghana through a lovely bank staff named “Esther” that somehow, I remembered me. I remembered home. Esther was an Angel the universe used to open my eyes to the reality I disconnected from. I began to make my way back home. It took days but I returned, albeit sickly & in denial.

One year later, l’m thankful to have survived one of my craziest episodes ever recorded.”

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Chineduikedieze commented: “Too many things under the clothes. May God be praised !! It’s well, dear. What People Go Through.”

lincedochie reacted: “All glory to GOD you are healed and back on the block.”

Linet_harrison said: “That time you even stopped posting, it was a sad moment for me but whenever I see you, I have every reason to thank God for you. Am so happy you’re back darling Chacha.”

itz_dedede said: “Thanks for sharing this information I’m sure many will identify with these symptoms and come out for help as they may be in denial God perfect your healing IJN.”

Ngozi.ohams commented: “This is a very sensitive issue quietly eating up the society. You are a strong woman and afighter. Thank God for your life

d_real_lynda reacted: “And no single person video you in this SM era. Haaa!!”