Sandra Iheuwa, the baby mama of talent manager, Ubi Franklin has cautioned Sophia Momodu over her sense of entitlement to Davido’s money.

Taking to her Instagram page, Sandra Iheuwa made it clear that being a baby mama doesn’t mean one should be entitled to their baby daddy’s money.

She stated that the only responsibility he has towards his child’s mother is to take care of the responsibility of their child.

Setting the record straight, Sandra opined that financial abuse doesn’t apply to baby mama’s especially when the baby daddy is present and doing what he should for his child.

She added that a baby mama should be grateful if her baby daddy is taking care of their child and stop ranting about him not taking care of her personal needs.

Sandra Iheuwa added that ‘Madam’ should go and get a job because it is the responsibility of both the baby daddy and baby mama to provide for the child and it shouldn’t be one sided.

Although she didn’t mention Sophia’s name, her followers who took to the comment section were quick to assert the message was directed at Davido’s babymama.

Sandra wrote:

“First of all being a baby mama doesn’t mean you should be entitled to your baby father’s money. The only responsibility he has is towards your child and it’s also your responsibility to take care of your child as well it shouldn’t be an avenue for you to make money or be taken care of… Now if your baby father is dead beat you can call him out with your full chest if you can do it every Eke market day that will be awesome too… Financial abuse doesn’t apply to baby mamas especially when the baby daddy is present and doing what he should for his child. Unless he stops taking care of his child.

Most married women experience financial abuse from their spouse it’s like a scheme for them to stay in the useless marriage and have no means to leave.

If you are a baby mama and your baby daddy is taking care of your child (be grateful) but not taking care of you and you are ranting “financial abuse”. Madam go and work and take care of yourself and your bills. I support women but I don’t support nonsense.”

“I don’t know why anyone will feel entitled to another person’s money especially when you are not even a wife. If my son’s father was taking care of my son I would be grateful and will never rant but you will never catch me rant about him not taking care of me. It will never happen as long as I’m alive and well”.

This is coming hours after Sophia Momodu lashed out at a certain person for being a financial abuser, which many have assumed it’s Davido.

In a series of posts on her Instagram story, Sophia Momodu shared clips of people speaking about Narcissists and Chronic gaslighters.

In one of her posts, she re-affirmed that financial abuse is domestic abuse

“Financial abuse is domestic abuse”.

That was hours after Sophia Momodu had gone on an extensive rant about the financial abuse of women.

The mother of one stated that financially bullying a woman into staying with you has got to be the most disgusting thing a man can do.

In a series of posts on her Twitter page, Sophia Momodu bemoaned the Nigerian system which she claimed doesn’t have laws that protect women and children.

She questioned why a man would make a woman take on his responsibilities because she chooses to move on and never look back.

However, Sophia in her lengthy write-up made no reference to anyone. But many assumed she was referring to Davido.

Reacting to it, Davido took to his Twitter page to share a screenshot of him doing his “unavailable” dance while adding that he’s got no time for “wahala”.

“I no get for wahala I dey IBIZA!!!!

No vex”.

Seemingly hitting back at him on her Snapchat page, Sophia Momodu warned him not to dare her.

The mother of one vowed to spill the teas if he continues to provoke her. She wrote:

“Don’t you dare 🧢 or imma set it on all 🔥”.