British heavyweight singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist Edward Christopher Sheeran, popularly known as Ed Sheeran, has delivered an outstanding first full performance of his new album `Subtract` on Apple Music Live.

Within the hint of the live session, Sheeran exhibits his acclaimed modern collection, ‘Subtract‘, in full for the primary time.

Nearby a 12-piece band, Ed Sheeran will authoritatively kick off Season Two of Apple Music Live – the live performance series that gives the biggest stars in music an arrangement to put through with gatherings of people around the world.

The star-studded inaugural season of Apple Music Live kicked off in May 2022 with an exclusive live stream of Harry Styles’s `One Night Only in New York‘ performance to celebrate the release of his acclaimed album ‘Harry’s House‘.

Ahead of his Apple Music Live performance, during an interview with Matt Wilkinson to preview the set, Sheeran shared: “I’m really excited. I think it’s going to be a really beautiful night. I think it’ll probably be one of the best shows I’ve ever played for so many reasons.”

Ed Sheeran is one of Apple Music’s highest-grossing artists of all time, with over 9.5 billion plays and 240 million Shazam tags worldwide. His 2017 hit, “Shape of You,” is the most-streamed song of all time on Apple Music, with over 930 million plays worldwide.

Over 45 of Sheeran’s songs have made him number one on the Daily Top 100. His new album “Substract“ became Apple Music’s most pre-added album of all time, and the lead single “Eyes Closed“ charted in his daily Top 100 in 87 countries.