A podcast host has captured the attention of many with a video asserting that Burna Boy should not be compared to Wizkid and Davido but rather be placed on the same level as Michael Jackson.

According to the host, Burnaboy is so talented that he shouldn’t be compared to fellow Nigerian musicians Wizkid and Davido.

Instead, he should be put in the same league as the legendary Michael Jackson.

During the podcast, the host argued that Burnaboy’s musical talent sets him apart from the widely known “big three” – Wizkid, Davido, and Burnaboy himself.

The host went on to explain that Burnaboy’s exceptional abilities make him stand out, and a comparison with global icons like Michael Jackson is more appropriate.

The controversy stems from Burnaboy’s own declaration during a previous performance where he distanced himself from the “big three,” emphasizing that there were only the “big two” (referring to Davido and Wizkid) and asserting that he stands in his own league.

This declaration seemed to hint at Burnaboy’s belief in being superior to his fellow musicians.

The podcast host doubled down on this sentiment, suggesting that Burnaboy’s musical journey had surpassed that of Wizkid and Davido.

Additionally, the host emphasized that the public should acknowledge Burnaboy’s unique contributions to the industry, rather than lumping him together with his peers.

In a recent podcast session, a Nigerian man revealed that Burnaboy only came into the limelight around 2020.

He expressed that before Burnaboy’s rise to fame, the music scene was dominated by Davido and Wizkid, which is why they would continue to remain at the top.

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