A video has emerged online where it was reported that popular influencer, DJ Chicken has been involved in an accident at Lekkie.

According to reports, DJ Chicken crashed his Benz into an electric pole while driving off the road. Reports also say that there were no casualties after the crash.

DJ Chicken is yet to come out to speak about the accident he was involved in. Many have taken to the comment section to share their opinions about the incident.

Read some comments below…

@Wisdowmbusybrain: “Chicken is living recklessly but we no wan know as far say him dey give us content…. Ki Olohun ma sho gbogbo wa oh; Faaaaaain Fish Pie”.

@it’s_snakeyspecial: “This guy na craze man oh wetin mechanic wan do like this ?😂😂😂😂”.

@Propertiesbylu: “When you get money prematurely 😢uncontrollable appetite”.

@Tbellz27: “This dude honestly needs to check himself before he wrecks himself. He is always drunk or high on one drug or the other. Please get help before you get more than you bargained for”.

@Cryptoexchange: “Never mock a situation that hasn’t happened to you, Portable is Setting ring light. He will be live soon 😂”.

@Jam3lez: “They need to start doing random drug and alcohol testing in Lagos. Seriously”.