Following her husband’s passing, a video of the Mother of Nigerian crossdresser, Idris Okuneye, popularly known as Bobrisky’s, has been shared online.

The grieving widow discussed her husband’s passing and the peculiar circumstances surrounding it in the video.

She spoke of him as a devoted spouse and related how he woke her up the morning of his passing and fervently prayed for her and the whole family.

She was taken aback by his conduct and sensed something wasn’t right. Sadly, he was already dead when she asked her older son to check on him.

She also thanked all her children for taking care of her husband while he was alive, from the first child to the last, Idris Bobrisky.

In her words:

“He was a good man and a loving husband. Last week, we both went for the burial of his brother’s wife. He woke me up on the morning of 14th and said tomorrow is your birthday.

“He started praying heavily for me and mentioned all his family and started praying. I was concerned and I knew something was up. I called our first born to check on him and when he checked, he had died.”