Reality TV star, Tacha has found herself in the news as an old video made its way to the internet, showing the moment she begged her male followers on Instagram for money to make her hair.

In the video, initially made in 2019, the reality TV star could be heard speaking about her hair, maintaining that she’s had it that way for three days and has been making videos with it.

She continued by adding that despite having male followers, none of them cared to ask her why her hair was like that or how much she would need to make such hair.

Her statement: “Okay, seriously, I don’t want to believe it’s only stingy guys that are following me on Instagram; I have lots of boys following me on Instagram.”

“I’ve had this hair this way for over three days; at least I made a video about three days ago, and my hair has been like this, and I have guys following me on Instagram.”

“I’ve not even gotten any DM about how much I would use to make my hair. If that is nice, you guys would tell me.”

“No, seriously, this hair has been like this for over three days, and I have made a couple of videos with it. The hair was like this when I made my videos this morning.”

“You cannot even ask how much I would use to make the hair; let me tell you, and then you pay for it. This is 2019; turn a new leaf, ask me how much to make my hair.”

The said video resurfaced online just a few hours after she called out an online personality, Mummy Zee, for allegedly begging for money online while insulting her husband, calling him a hungry man, and also insulting their daughter and whole family.

The video got the attention of many social media users who have stormed the comment page of the post to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

@Chrisllionaire: “Came out of BBN house and started acting brand new.. the internet never forgets.”

@OKWYtycoon: “Internet never forgets indeed, for this life try dey stay humble E get why!”

@DaviesAyo8: “Don’t be like Tacha. Always remember people who have helped you along the way, and don’t forget to lift someone up.”

@xtracoofi: “This girl na werey no doubt na my sister from ph city but it’s funny , why nobody then help am with money to make her hair.”