Asake’s highly acclaimed second album, “Work of Art,” has achieved another significant milestone in streaming, surpassing the success of “Mr. Money With The Vibe” on the Audiomack platform. This accomplishment marks a notable achievement within the digital streaming landscape.

Asake not only maintained but exceeded his own Audiomack streaming record, showcasing the remarkable success of his sophomore album in grand fashion. Formerly holding the record with his debut album, “Mr. Money With The Vibe,” Asake has now surpassed himself with the exceptional performance of “Work of Art.”

The numerical evidence is striking: “Work of Art” has amassed an impressive 577 million streams, triumphing over “Mr. Money With The Vibe,” which recorded 576 million streams. This achievement solidifies “Work of Art” as the most streamed album of all time on Audiomack.

This feat establishes Asake as a trailblazer, creating a unique benchmark in the music industry. The ongoing competition, where Asake competes against his own records, underscores his continued dominance on the Audiomack platform and within the broader music industry.