Vee, a former Big Brother Naija housemate, has expressed her disappointment and frustration over the ongoing presidential election in Nigeria.

In a series of tweets on her verified Twitter page, Vee lamented that the country cannot seem to get one day right.

She wrote, “I feel like crying. Can’t we just get this ONE day right?”

The singer went on call out the hypocrisy of those that have been talking about being bullied online for keeping quiet now that voters are being intimidated from voting for their preferred candidates.

“The people that were screaming “online bullying” “my vote is my right” “this is a democracy” are VERY quiet now, while there is evidence of people being threatened and physically attacked for voting for their choice. Fuck all of you.”

Vee went on to state that regardless of who wins the election, it cannot be considered a free and fair process.

She said that she has been praying to God for a peaceful and credible election.

“Irrespective of who wins, this was NOT a free and fair election.

“I’ve said “God Abeg” more times today than the whole of 2022, she added.

The ongoing election has been marred by reports of violence and irregularities in some parts of the country, with some voters reportedly being harassed or intimidated for expressing their voting preferences.