Nigerian musician and internet personality, Speed Darlington, stirred controversy by expressing his views on how African men interact with women who already have children from another man.

Known for his hilarious remarks, Speed Darlington suggested that most African men are hesitant to marry women with children, labelling those who do as “weak” and implying a perceived inadequacy in their sexual performance.

According to Speed Darlington, he believes that “no real man” wants to raise children who aren’t biologically his own.

Speed Darlington opens up on African men’s views about single mothers

The singer argued that the potential disappointment and loss for men who invest in raising non-biological children are substantial, especially if these children later seek out their biological fathers.

His comments have triggered a range of reactions, with many disputing his views. Some women have taken to social media to counter Speed Darlington’s argument, sharing personal anecdotes of finding more suitors after having multiple children.

These women assert that Speed Darlington’s perspective does not represent the broader sentiments of society and that many men are open to relationships with single mothers.

In other news, A TikTok ‘slay queen,’ who goes by the handle @princesslawal8, exposed leaked chat messages between herself and Nigerian musician, Speed Darlington.

The messages unveiled a rather unexpected pursuit by Speed Darlington for a sexual relationship with the TikTok user.

@princesslawal8, who is colloquially known as a “slay queen,” publicly shared the DMs, catching the attention of many viewers online.