Nigerian skit maker Bukunmi Adeaga has expressed her concern that tribalism and selfish interests have led the country to its current state.

In a statement posted on her Instagram page, the actress urged her followers to put tribe and selfish benefits aside and consider whether they would still vote for their chosen candidate if the aforementioned criteria were taken out of the equation.

Kiekie’s post also addressed those who still believe that school is a scam, saying that she hopes they are now wiser.

She went on to emphasize the importance of reasoning in an individual’s faculty, stating that it allows one to differentiate between a nation and a region.

She added that despite her Yoruba heritage, she carries a Nigerian passport.

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“For those of you that still think school is a scam, I hope you’re wiser now!!!

“Education is not limited to 2+2=4. It’s all about building your ability to think and reason.

“If reasoning is present in a human’s faculty then you’ll be able to spot the difference between a nation and a region!

“I carry a Nigerian Passport not a Yoruba Passport!!!

“This is the same mentality that brought us to this point and we honestly shouldn’t allow it be the end of us!!!!

“Tribe aside, selfish benefit aside, ask yourself this, will I still vote for my candidate if these aforementioned criteria were taken out of the equation?

“There’s nothing as painful as meeting none-sense where you expect to meet sense!” Kiekie wrote.


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