Actress Chioma Akpotha has responded to her colleague Georgina Onuoha for criticizing her for being outspoken during the general election.

Georgina Onuoha slammed her colleague Chioma Akpotha for lamenting the mishaps in her polling unit on February 25.

Chioma Akpotha went live on Instagram to express her outrage over the violence in her polling unit.

In response, Georgina shared how during the 2019 General Election Chioma slid into her DM and asked her to stop sharing posts condemning the rigging and violence in some parts of the country.

Georgina stated that Chioma advised her to consider her brand because such posts could be detrimental to her status and brand. Georgina blasted Chioma in response, and the latter unfollowed her.

In the 2023 elections, Georgina said she observed Chioma screaming at the top of her lungs like a cow because the election violence had directly affected her.

She slammed Chioma for only displaying bravery, compassion, and empathy because it directly affects her.

Chioma Akpotha, who has been recovering from the trauma of the incident, finally dared Georgina to present evidence of her being paid to campaign for any politician.

She stated that if Georgina Onuoha did not comply, she would be contacted by her lawyers.


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