Nigerian media personality Shade Ladipo has called out Grammy award-winning artist Burna Boy for his recent comments on the Nigerian presidential elections.

In a post on her Instagram story, Ladipo accused Burna Boy of being an opportunist who only uses Nigerian and African issues to promote his music.

The media personality’s criticism comes after Burna Boy stated that he does not understand why Nigerians expect him to be vocal about politics and revealed that he did not vote in the recent presidential elections.

The singer clarified that he does not have a preferred candidate and does not want to mislead Nigerians into selecting the wrong person and then taking the blame.

Ladipo, however, disagrees with Burna Boy’s stance, stating that as a true pan-Africanist, he should understand the importance of the elections and the need for voter participation.

She also called him a clown and a fraud with fake dreads.

“Your African ant is a clown. If you are a true pan-Africanist as you claim with your music then you must understand the importance of these elections.

“Promoting voter participation doesn’t involve supporting any candidate.

“You are a clown and an opportunist who only uses Nigerian/African issues to promote your music. Fucking fraud with fake dreads,” Ladipo wrote.