Nigerian singer, Simisola Kosoko, popularly called Simi, had begged Netizens to let the firstborns in their families have a break.

She made this public on her account on the microblogging platform, X, where she spoke for firstborn children who are frustrated by family.

The singer believes many who are firstborns are made to carry up excess load and responsibility which can sometimes be draining.

Although, she is the last born of her own family, she is aware that many of them do not speak up which is why she decided to make it known on their behalf.

Her tweet reads;

“Y’all need to let your first borns breathe. They came first does not mean they should carry everybody’s load. Many of them don’t even like you anymore , because when you text them na so so panic attack. They’re just not allowed to say it. Let them breathe.

Also, first born sef learn how to say no and set boundaries. You deserve peace too.”