Famous Tv presenter, Adams Ibrahim Adebola, popularly known as VJ Adams, has shared his two cents on why teenagers should not be in a hurry to leave their parents’ house.

The OAP took to his Instagram page to share a video hinting at how expensive rent is particularly in high ends areas.

VJ Adams argued that the justification for wanting ‘freedom’ is an excuse to be wayward and out of control. He cited the example of saving up rent for a period of ten years in a parents’ house as a better option than moving out early. He said:

“If you’re 17, or 18, I don’t see why you are in a hurry to leave your parents’ house, especially if your parents live in good proximity areas. ‘I need freedom’, you don’t need freedom. You simply want to smoke weed and do drugs.

Think about it, if you’re 17 and will be 27 in ten years, imagine saving N3M every year for 10 years instead of using it to pay rent. You’d have saved N30m and will be able to get a comfortable space when you’re ready to move at 27.”

VJ Adams who has been rumoured to be in a relationship with actress, Bimbo Ademoye, stated the case of those who are without options like himself who had to leave his parent’s house due to proximity to his workplace.

Watch the video below:-