Nigerian comedian, Mr Jollof has cautioned women against taking their single female friends to their matrimonial home.

He hinted that someone snatched her friend’s husband and it was the reason he decided to reiterate his warning.

The Influencer and actor noted that when a married woman takes her friend home, it turns into a lesbian relationship.

Mr Jollof added that many others go as far as having a threesome with the friend and her husband, but it leads to a crisis in the marriage as the man starts to fancy the other lady for being younger than his wife.

He cited instances where the woman caused a crack in her marriage by allowing her friend to be very comfortable in her matrimonial home such that she asks the lady to cook for her husband.

The comedian said in such cases it may not be right to accuse the man of not being strong enough to control himself whereas it was the women that caused it.

Watch Mr. Jollof speak below:-